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I have a B.S. in Clinical Dietetics from Kuwait University and completed my 2-year Internship in Kuwait. Due to my passion of the scientific and the medical field I was certain that my educational journey was not over and decided to enroll in nutrition training programs that further increased my understanding of the human body and how it interacts with food. I am a member of the Endocrine Society, and British Dietitians Association (BDA), qualify in food allergy and sports nutrition and serviced the medical sector at the Armed Forces hospital (Ministry of Defense).

What I do:
I provide-evidence based information, I started creating specialized diets to my clients while guiding and helping each meet their personal goals. As my client base increased, I have shifted my work to include those that already have started their health journey but are looking to upgrade their health while enjoying their lifestyle. I am a challenge seeker and have more than 10 years of experience with an assortment of client cases pertaining to the endocrine system. I have then analyzed a large body of client’s ailments providing me with cohesive statistical data that I use today in my work. I further provide services on my website such as eBook guides and supply my clients with the most quality of products to help them take charge of their health journey.

• Weight loss, Weight Maintenance, Weight Gain
• Digestive disorders (IBS, IBD, Celiac, etc.)
• Food Allergies and Intolerances
• Endocrine ailments (Thyroid, PCOS, Adrenal fatigue, etc.)
• Sports nutrition
• Prenatal, Maternal, postnatal

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